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ASICS is an iconic sports footwear and clothing brand that started out as Onitsuka in Japan, in 1949. The name is an acronym that stands for the Latin phrase Anima Sono in Corpo Sono, meaning “Sound Mind, Sound Body”.

Since the foundation, its reputation as one of the best running shoes in the world has been reinforced numerous times by sponsorships, special events, and innovations.


Solarflare is a creative technology studio with a mission to connect people through innovative solutions and imaginative experiences. They are a proven and trusted partner of Rightsoft, who work relentlessly to craft the dreams of our world-class clients.

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ASICS has been organizing these innovation summits for more than a decade. Then the pandemic happened and like everyone else everywhere, they decided to move this experience to virtual.

The essential theme behind the ‘21 version of this giant event was “personalization” and the idea was to get the visitors involved in this virtual event with their heartbeats. Already exciting.

So, we were tasked with the job of involving each heartbeat rate with a heart rate monitor and creating a unique space in the VR world for each attendant. The full development of a highly immersive VR worldbuilding.

The project was required to serve hundreds of journalists and thousands of visitors, both athletes and consumers, simultaneously.


We rolled up our sleeves and immediately started to analyze the requirements as the first step. Our intention was to come up with a detailed timeline on our end to prevent any time loss and maintain clear communication.

On the other side of the project, our creative partner, Solarflare Studio, was to deliver all of the 3D assets, animations, and shaders.

We decided on a reasonable workflow to make sure the collaboration happens on a maximum level without any friction. The project was not in a position to tolerate any lost time, but we still decided to challenge it with comprehensive project management. Regular builds were shared, daily stand-ups were arranged, and thus each party is allowed to get involved to track the process transparently.


The result and the summit itself were beyond anything we have done before and people just loved the experience. It was embraced as a great way to communicate the importance of personalization that is possible with ASICS, by the client and the attendees alike.

Thanks to our dedicated team, our great partner Solarflare, and the client itself; the results of the ASICS Virtual Innovation Summit 2021 surpassed all expectations.

This was our very first project with Solarflare and we have continued working with them as a development partner since then. So far we completed 5 projects and our great collab work will continue for many years to come.

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