Building the experience for the TOGG in CES Expo 2024

A case study of building an breathtaking experience with Neva XR for the CES Expo 2024

Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) launched as Turkey's first domestically produced passenger car. After six years of development, is TOGG the spark for the Turkish EV market.

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Android Auto Application
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AI-Gen Application
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Neva XR

CES is the most powerful tech event in the world, serving as the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. At CES 2024, TOGG revealed their new sedan car, T10X, and aimed to leave their mark on this prestigious event.

The scope included developing an auto application that detects the user's biological stats using in-car camera and AI algorithms. The application then played specially curated content tailored to the user's physiological data. Additionally, it generated a personalised souvenir image as a takeaway, providing visitors with a memorable and unique experience.


CES 2024 is the most influential tech event in the world. TOGG launched their new sedan car, T10X, at this event and aimed to make a significant impact.

Given the critical nature of this experience, we ensured there was no room for errors. We began by mapping out the user journey and identifying all potential fail scenarios that could occur in an expo environment. This proactive approach allowed us to address possible issues before they occur, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for the users.

While developing the main application and its components, we simultaneously worked on a proof of concept for integrating TOGG's biometric tracking technology. This involved using camera-based detection to assess user mood and heart rate, adding a personalised touch to the immersive experience.

To streamline the development process, we assigned two dedicated teams. One team focused on backend integrations, ensuring robust data handling and system reliability. The other team concentrated on frontend applications, developing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

We also developed an extensive logging system to diagnose and troubleshoot potential issues efficiently. This system enabled real-time monitoring and quick resolution of any problems that occurred during the event.

To ensure everything ran smoothly, we provided live support throughout the event. This allowed us to address any technical issues immediately, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience for all attendees.


Synchronising in-car content with LED screens was a great challenge. We made sure even with not-ideal network conditions application was in-sync with the installation.

We minimised the data load, made sure everything works even when there's internet connectivity issues during the experience. We did not have access to the full setup until just days before the expo launched. We made sure everything works as expected even with limited testing abilities.


CES 24 expo was a great success for TOGG. Both the media coverage and the way they differentiate themselves with the experiences welcomed by the company.

The experience had been used by hundreds of people in 3 days time.

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