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How did starting with a very simple PoC help us create one of the most capable all-in-one access control systems in the world? Read on to discover our iterative approach to product development.

[Name Hidden] is an award-winning global security engineering firm specializing in designing, building, and running security and access control systems. With its strategically placed global hubs on 4 continents, they provide services to some of the world’s leading organizations in sectors like finance, health, education, and company headquarters.

Since [Name Hidden]’s inception in 2007, its reputation as one of the world’s leading security engineering companies has been reinforced by more than 2000 successful projects in over 100 countries.

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[Name Hidden] approached Rightsoft with the concept of a cloud-based access control solution capable of integrating the functionalities of various service providers through SDKs in a single app. In addition to wanting the app to be highly visually configurable—to foster a feeling of being specifically tailored for each client—they required advanced admin tools for comprehensive system management, detailed monitoring tools for enhanced oversight, and the ability to add employee badges to mobile device wallets for increased portability.

The problem was that out-of-the-box access control systems and digital access applications generally lack visual benefits such as mirroring the company identity and they also do not provide access services for different brands under one app.

[Name Hidden] was already a long-time business partner of Rightsoft. Knowing each other sets the expectations to a realistic level that just makes the work a breeze. The capabilities, professionalism, and skill set of Rightsoft made [Name Hidden]’s choice an easy one and we started the project right away.


The final product would consist of different components living and breathing in the same infrastructure:

  • Two native mobile apps for both iOS & Android,
  • A comprehensive dashboard to manage all of the features such as add/remove clients, user list and access rights, transactional email templates, etc.
  • A distributed dashboard infrastructure that enables all dashboards to function independently while communicating via a Federation Server.
  • An interface customization feature via the dashboard to edit the look & feel of the app for a tailor-made feeling,
  • Comprehensive reporting, logging, and auditing features that ensure full transparency and control. This includes detailed recording of all incoming and outgoing requests, complete with payload logs, and versatile tools that allow administrators to monitor system health, audit logs, and key metrics for reporting.
  • Apple Wallet integration, enabling the addition of badges to compatible devices' wallets with comprehensive administrative control over badge management, including revoking, suspending, or resuming badges
  • …and two different API layers; one for communicating with the service providers and the other one with an injected business logic handling the communication between the mobile devices and client servers.

We decided to realize this colossal project with an iterative approach that included different product scopes for different components of it.

We started with a simple PoC application having an available access card, then developed the first iteration of the dashboard with limited capabilities, and added a pinch of simple CI/CD for automating the application development life cycle. It was such a success that the client gave us an instant green light to hire additional developers to build a development team specifically for this project.

After the implementation of the above, we introduced extended capabilities on both the mobile apps and the dashboard as the second iteration. Those capabilities evolved the application to a distributed one in which multiple clients could have and reach their own ecosystem from different locations and devices.

The next step was the request handling optimization. The system needed to support hundreds of thousands of requests in very short periods of time due to the nature of the business and to meet this load expectation, we used Azure’s scalable platform facilities. Even though the client was already a Microsoft and Azure-heavy company, this scalable infrastructure design was a real challenge for the team. We provided both consultancy and training to help them in overcoming this challenge.

Following the first official release, we got our first official result: The client was so impressed with the product that they quickly formed a sales team and managed to sell it to one of the oldest and biggest banks in England.

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Rightsoft has been a proud business partner of [Name Hidden] since the early days of 2020 and we have already developed and delivered a number of challenging software applications successfully.

Also, the future plans for the upcoming iterations are already in motion. We will be mostly focusing on improvements in the reporting feature and also introducing new access control systems to extend the solution partner base.

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