A Journey of Transformation:
A groundbreaking multi-touch and multi-user application for MOL Group

A case study on the creation of a dynamic multi-user, multi-touch application showcasing a global energy giant's commitment to clean energy

MOL Group, a leading global oil and gas corporation based in Budapest, Hungary, has been steering the industry for over a century. With an impressive international footprint in more than 30 countries and a robust, dynamic workforce of 25,000 professionals, MOL Group is a testament to excellence and innovation.

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As part of its commitment to a greener future, MOL Group established the new MOL Campus in Budapest, a beacon of their transformative journey towards clean energy.

The highlight of this endeavor is 'Energy Fuelled Transformation,' a groundbreaking multi-user touchscreen application installed at the heart of the MOL Campus.


As a trusted solutions partner, Solarflare Studio turned to us with a thrilling challenge - to visually represent MOL's ambitious 2030+ goal of moving "profitably towards net-zero."


Armed with an initial brief and visual references, we set out to design an interactive platform to effectively communicate MOL's key objectives. Our experimentation with Processing.Js led to the creation of a wave-like structure, which became our launchpad for a Unity 3d version. This version, equipped with advanced tools, allowed for greater creative flexibility. Numerous in-person brainstorming sessions at our London office resulted in a refined and engaging visual experience.


During our journey, we encountered two significant challenges that tested our creativity and technical prowess.

The first challenge was blending the generative art piece with particle videos, which were integral to the MOL Group's brand guideline. Achieving a seamless blend was essential for maintaining brand consistency and delivering a holistic experience. Our approach to overcome this hurdle involved the creating editor tools to control the output visuals. By presenting a variety of options during our in-person meetings, we were able to fine-tune the integration, ensuring the generative design and the particle videos harmoniously co-existed.

The second challenge lay in ensuring optimal performance. Manipulating tens of thousands of points to deliver a smooth, high-fidelity experience at 60 frames per second was no small feat. We tackled this hurdle by harnessing the power of Unity 3D's Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) and Burst Compiler. These technologies enabled us to significantly enhance performance, allowing for efficient, high-speed processing.

Conquering these roadblocks wasn't easy, but our dedication to quality and commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience enabled us to create a masterpiece that embodies MOL Group's commitment to clean energy transformation.

Our endeavor culminated in a stunning masterpiece - a multi-touch application that not only mesmerizes but also effectively conveys MOL Group's remarkable journey towards a greener future. The installation at the MOL Campus immediately became a center piece, drawing visitors into its interactive, generative display and beautifully translating the abstract concept of clean energy transformation into a tactile and visual experience.

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We are incredibly proud of the final product - an application that stands as a testament to MOL Group's commitment to a sustainable future and Rightsoft's unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

Rightsoft has been a cherished business partner of Solarflare Studio since 2021, helping bring to life numerous projects for esteemed clients like ASICS, Ford, and Lego. We are committed to maintaining this trusted relationship and anticipate creating many more innovative projects in partnership with Solarflare."

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