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leading security engineering firm to be future-fit

This is the story of how we planned, constructed, and re-engineered a security design system with an entirely new perspective ground up to operate 20 times faster than before.

[Name Hidden] is an award-winning global security engineering firm specializing in designing, building, and running security systems. With strategically placed global hubs on 4 continents, they provide services to some of the world’s leading organizations.

Since [Name Hidden]’s inception in 2007, its reputation as one of the world’s leading security engineering companies has been reinforced by more than 2000 successful projects in over 100 countries.

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Security Automation Portal
Autocad Processor
Canvas Design Tool
Rightsoft worked in partnership with [Name Hidden] to re-design, re-engineer, and re-build their world-leading security engineering software. The main goal was to eliminate the human factor as much as possible while updating the front-end and back-end tech stack of the client.

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The advancement of technology over the years and the digital transformation trends that had been shaping how the big corporations worked, made [Name Hidden] rethink their whole workflow as well as the tools they used.

The client had been previously working and handling nearly everything manually in their traditional workflow. The burden on the shoulders of the engineers was not sustainable anymore. The team had to deal with thousands of items in a single security engineering design project in a single day of work.

In addition to the massive human error factor, the overall process was exceptionally slow, the tech stack was outdated, the outputs were not standardized, and the licensing costs for the tools they worked with were particularly high.


Once we got to know each other in 2018, the two teams bonded right there and then. We believe our technical capabilities, expertise, veteran team, detailed workflows, and strong communication skills separated us from the competition.

Also, our “can do” attitude was the final blow since their requirements and what they had in mind were really something, both from a technical and operational perspective.


Diving deep into uncharted territories at that time, we had to do domain-related analysis and research in order to pick up what our client tries to accomplish.

Following the official handshake, we continued the research phase and designed many POCs to make sure that the deliverables are actually achievable.


The previous business workflow was mostly based on manual labor which made the system a source of human errors. Another surprising aspect of this was that the people were really used to the outdated UX of the system. No matter how hard it seemed to us, the users were just happy with the way things were.

The sheer amount of documentation load on the engineers was unsustainable, to say the least. Also, the overall process completion timeframe was exceptionally long and slow while the outputs were not standardized whatsoever. The costs of licenses for the tools they implemented, such as AutoCAD, were exceptionally high.


What we did was the introduction of an automated process to overcome human error as much as possible and decrease the time spent on a project drastically. In addition, we’ve implemented an easy-to-use but very capable interactive tool that successfully replaced the need for AutoCAD and ended the reign within the organization.

Our product has decreased the time spent and resources for all of their flows. For some of the operations, we are talking about a change from weeks to seconds. This led to a great deal of freed-up resources which allowed them to focus on business development activities.


Using one portal to manage all designs, communication, functionalities, and digital asset management was a dream coming true for the whole company. The introduced functionalities assisted all of the designers and architects greatly so they can focus on more important and creative things rather than spending time on footwork.

The benchmarks of the functionality improvements showed the time spent on any given project was up 20X.

In addition, all of the computer calculations are now error-free and this allows them to trust the documentation and configurations.With the assistance of these benefits, the company grew by almost %400 in 4 years and expanded its multinational structure.

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