Designing and developing a
multi-touch and multi-user
app for the biggest property
marketing agency in the UK

How a medium-sized component in a comprehensive marketing suit stole the show and became the golden standard for the property sector. This is the story of digital transformation done right in property marketing.

ThinkBDW is the largest creative marketing and design agency specializing in property of all types for all market sectors, providing every single element of the marketing mix in-house. Employing over 800 people in 19 offices across the UK plus San Francisco and Singapore, ThinkBDW has been operating for more than 30 years.

For the last decade, with developments of immersive bespoke marketing suites and innovative advancements like CGI, VR, and touchscreens, they turned an eye to a world where property marketing is yet to step in: Digital show & tell and VR experiences.

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Our paths with ThinkBDW crossed when they approached us about a brilliant idea to develop a multi-touch, multi-user, and interactive property marketing tool. The aim was to show & tell the projects to potential buyers right in the sales office but with a digital engagement tool.

Before jumping in, the self-confidence in our team was literally visible. We previously had developed two property marketing applications before and we knew what we could offer to the largest creative marketing and design agency specializing in property in the UK.

Our experience on the matter and insights on multi-user experience helped a lot to understand their needs, and business goals, and build the right solution for them.


Real estate is among the fastest-moving sectors in the world. Building a custom application for marketing purposes is just not feasible for both developmental and budgetary reasons alike. Grabbing the attention of potential buyers mostly relies on fast turnaround and being cost-effective.

The first decision we took should be addressing these two: Designing the process in a way that modernizes the rules of engagement while creating an application that could be used on both handheld tablets and large multi-touch interactive walls for different purposes. All of the UI with fully customizable themes and content, of course.


Since this was a highly visual project, the natural way for us to start was with conversations about the desired user experience, and the look & feel of each development. Then we turned the tables to get the view from the administrator's perspective and studied how the experience should be for the people that actually manage the system. The outputs of the research phase were UX flows and UI designs for both the application and the admin portal.

As always, we created a board with all of the planned tasks with responsible people as well as their phases and shared it with ThinkBDW for streamlined communication between the teams.

We also created technical documentation and progress update reports and shared notes on new builds on each milestone. These all happened mutually as we also collected their feedback and observed use cases with contractors and end users along the way.


The main challenge for the client was the struggle with fulfilling the contractor requests in a timely manner and within budget. Normally, it would require custom development for each project and that was the main problem that we needed to address.

So, we decided on a modular system that would allow the client to set up and configure any functionality for their clients easily in minutes. That modularity and reconfigurability would surely require a state-of-the-art implementation process.

Another one was the enablement of displaying the Unity content in a UWP application. With this technology in place, we finally gave them the ability to upload any 3D site plan with minimal work to be displayed in the application correctly.

At first, this property marketing tool was a complimentary component for a whole marketing suit that included 3D visualization, marketing design, & brochures, etc. However, its real value had a way of revealing itself over time and it transformed into the main focus for onboarding new clients.

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Rightsoft has been a proud business partner of Think BDW since 2015. Even before the foundation of Rightsoft, the founders Burak and Emrah created the tools and applications and added new features and new targets since then.

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